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Not Every Passenger is welcome.

Did you know millions of miniscule irritants manage to bypass standard air filters?

Even when your windows are shut, allergens and bacteria find a way into your BMW. It’s time to take a stand against unwanted guests.

Our Fine Dust Filter Keeps Out Germs, Pollen and Pollutants.

Book an £89 Spring Service*  and our Trained Technicians will fit your BMW with our Fine Dust Filter. Engineered to block harmful particles, it purifies with microscopic precision. 

Also included in the £89 Spring Service.

  • Cabin Freshen-up (a treatment that combats unpleasant smells with a fresh, minty fragrance).
  • Vehicle Health check.
  • wash and vacuum. 

To Elevate your Driving Experience, book your £89 spring service today

*Only available 01 April until 30 June.

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