BMW Air Conditioning Refresh/Regas

Maintain the perfect climate.

Your Air Conditioning system not only keeps the temperature right for you and your passengers, it also filters out pollen, dust and deposits from fumes, and minimises condensation.

If you become aware that your air conditioning smells slightly different than usual, either when you turn on the engine or when you adjust the temperature settings, it’s time for a Refresh. This service includes:

Cleaning and disinfecting the evaporator Cleaning and disinfecting entire air duct system Treating air vents and the BMW interior

Complimentary mini valet

Naturally you’re proud of your cars appearance but keeping it looking good isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; thorough valet servicing will help protect paintwork, trim and upholstery thus enhancing the resale value of your car. Meanwhile, you’ll have the pleasure of owning a car that looks as good as the day it left the showroom.

Using Genuine BMW or MINI Car Care Products specialist valet technicians will gently remove dirt and grime before sealing in a long-lasting shine. The interior receives equal attention to detail, being thoroughly prepared before specially formulated cleaners and polishes are applied.  As a result the interior looks showroom-fresh for longer.

Our mini valet includes:

Exterior hand wash and polish Interior vacuum, including mats and seat clean Interior trim, dashboard and instruments clean Clean and polish all interior and exterior glass Boot vacuum and clean Alloy wheel clean and dress tyres Engine bay wash

Air conditioning refresh and full valet – special offer price £75.00

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