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  • Halliwell Jones BMW
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An Exceptional Level of Cover

  • Covers the majority of mechanical and electrical component failure items.
  • Covers full parts, labour and VAT costs with no excesses.
  • No limit to the number of claims you can make; up to the original purchase price of your vehicle.
  • Only manufacturer approved replacement parts are used in a warranty repair.
  • No customer contributions, where warranty repair replaces old for new parts.
  • Replacement vehicle up to a midsized saloon provided in the event of a warranty repair after the first 24 hours
  • Overnight accommodation and rail fares paid up to £75 in the event the vehicle cannot be repaired under warranty within 24 hours.
  • Warranty applies whilst driving in Europe or the Republic of Ireland for up to 60 days in total in any one year.
  • From when your warranty starts there is no mileage restriction.

If your vehicle either breaks down or fails it's MOT, the following cover is available:

MOT Test Cover

MOT Test Cover


Your Halliwell Jones MOT Test Cover is included as part of the Halliwell Jones

Warranty. It enhances the Warranty cover to include a number of wear and tear and consumable items in the event of your car failing an MOT test – up to £750 worth.

Examples of items which would be covered includes:

All Lighting Equipment. Including bulbs and headlamp lenses.

Steering. Manual and power steering units.

Suspension. Includes wishbones, sub frames and wheel bearings.

Braking System. Including brake discs and drums, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, load compensator, ABS modulator / sensors / computers, brake pipes, hoses and cables.

View Of The Road. Windscreen wiper arms and blades.

Seat Belts. Including mountings, belts, retractors and buckles.

Halliwell Jones Assist

Halliwell Jones Assist


Roadside Assistance. If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure, sustains a puncture or is involved in an accident, Halliwell Jones Assist will send help to the scene and seek to repair the vehicle at the roadside.

Home Assist. Halliwell Jones Assist will attend should your vehicle break down at your home address or within a one-mile radius.

Nationwide Recovery. If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside Halliwell Jones Assist will arrange and pay for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be recovered to the nearest relevant repairer able to undertake the repair. If the above is not possible at the time, Halliwell Jones Assist will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be transported to your home or original destination.

Caravans / Trailers. In the event your vehicle breaks down with a caravan or trailer attached, this will be recovered at no extra cost (up to 23 feet in length).

Accident Cover. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, rendering it illegal or immobile, your vehicle will be transported to a nominated local address within the United Kingdom.

Puncture Cover. If your vehicle sustains a puncture and you are unable to change the tyre, Halliwell Jones Assist will attend the scene and carry out the change of tyre for you.

Examples of some major items covered:

Examples of some major items covered:


Parking sensors

Diesel particulate filter

Satellite Navigation Systems

Wiring & harnesses and connections

Catalytic converter

Bluetooth & reverse camera systems

LED lighting


Infotainment systems

Terms and conditions apply.

The Halliwell Jones Warranty can only be purchased and applied to vehicles supplied by Halliwell Jones BMW / MINI. 

For full details of cover please ask your supplying dealer.