A guide to looking after your BMW

To take good care of your BMW, we recommend regular vehicle checks, as explained in your vehicle’s handbook. You can also browse and watch our video's which will help you make the most of your BMW ownership experience.

Your first year! Customise your BMW.

Your car's 1st birthday is here. Time to think about some accessories available for your BMW, winter tyres or a service inclusive package?

Your second year.

Is your BMW winter-ready? Time to consider the benefits of winter tyres and a winter health check.

Your third year.

There's plenty we can help with, time to think about your 1st MOT and book in for an end of warranty check.

Your fourth year.

Find out more about BMW value service. BMW Value Service offers competitively priced service options for you and your BMW.

Your seventh year.

Find out BMW Value service and BMW Genuine parts which are covered by a 2 year Warranty. Your car is also covered for free of change recovery to your nearest BMW Centre.

Year ten plus.

BMWs are built to last, but your BMW will need more maintenence and attention. Find out more about BMW Value Service and get a quote.

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