Get out there with BMW xDrive

Posted 25 October 2016

Get out there with BMW xDrive

xDrive. The intelligent all-wheel drive system from BMW.

The intelligent all-wheel drive system, called BMW xDrive, offers a new dimension to driving enjoyment, and makes your journey safer when confronted by adverse conditions such as a rain-soaked motorway or snow. It's available across a wide range of BMW models - from the BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch through to the luxury of the new BMW 7 Series - and as well as providing peace of mind, it also lets you enjoy the power of your BMW on every bend. 

BMW's xDrive system powers all the wheels in a 40:60 split between front and rear to give better grip, which in turn improves handling and cornering. It's a simple idea, but to get the best from it power needs to be able to vary between front and back axles, and between the left and right sides of the car.

An electronically controlled gearbox and multi-plate clutch system allows BMW xDrive models to vary the power between the front and back axles. If wheel slip is detected, xDrive reacts in a tenth of a second to redistribute power to the axle with the most grip.

In addition, some BMW xDrive models are fitted with Dynamic Performance Control. This works in combination with DSC, but rather than braking the spinning wheel it uses a series of electronically controlled clutch plates to speed up the slower moving wheel. This is known as torque vectoring and gives smoother turns; for example on a bend more power is given to the outer wheel, because that wheel will have a grip advantage. Or if understeer is detected, more power will be directed to the inner wheel, so that traction with the road is regained.

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3 Series 335 X Drive 1400 652 S C1

xDrive Frequently Asked Questions.

Owning a BMW with xDrive is one of life's pleasures, but many prospective buyers have one or two questions...Are all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and 4x4 the same thing? Which models have seven seats? Which is the best version for towing? These are the sort of questions most prospective owners ask, so we've grouped the answers into several sections below.

General questions.

Are all-wheel drive and 4WD and 4x4 the same?

Yes. But not all systems are as advanced as BMW xDrive.

Who needs 4WD?

If you’re travelling over slippery surfaces – from wet grass to snowy roads – you may need a 4WD. If you’d like the peace of mind that your car will give you the ultimate in grip in all weathers, you may also need a 4WD.

Who makes 4WD vehicles?

BMW makes 4WD vehicles, both road cars with four-wheel drive, and the X Series – a range of SUVs.

Why do some 4WD models sit higher?

Some 4WD vehicles have bigger wheels and some have more ground clearance, both of which will make a car sit higher.

What BMW 4WD car can I get on Motability?

The BMW 120d xDrive 5-door Sports Hatch is available on Motability. You may also want to consider the BMW X1 range, which has a broad range of models available on the scheme.

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