MINI Countryman Technology

Posted 27 March 2017

MINI Countryman Technology

Add intelligence. Add innovation. Add stories.

Technology in the new MINI Countryman. 

What holds you back from getting out there, going places and discovering new things? Whatever it is, don’t let it be your car. The new MINI Countryman is packed full of useful technology to make it easy to find places, find new adventures and even find your car after a fun-filled day’s activities.

Mini Countryman Tech Hj 1400 1087 S C1

With MINI Connected as standard, the entertainment and online functions of your Apple® or Android smartphone can be integrated into the car. And if you like to make your plans for the day while you’re still sat on your sofa, with MINI Connected XL available in the optional Media Pack, you can plot a route on your smartphone and send it to your car via Bluetooth®. Your sat nav, available as standard, will automatically update the journey details. 

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Once you’re on the road, use the optional MINI Connected XL Journey Mate to avoid traffic jams and parking nightmares. Not only will it suggest alternative routes to save you wasting time in traffic, it can help you find somewhere to park or refuel. From departure to arrival, our helpful technology can take the stress out of every step of the journey. 

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Now you know you won’t get lost on the roads, you can focus on getting lost in the moment. Grab a few mates, tear everyone away from their screens and get ready to add stories. You won’t need to suffer ‘fear of missing out’ without your mobile device, though – this car’s generous touchscreen will feed your need for technology. Delivering relevant information while letting you keep your eyes on the road, journeys are safer and more connected than ever. 

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And, while you’re busy making memories, keep track of your car and even your wallet with MINI Find Mate. Simply leave tags in your prized possessions and, once connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, MINI Find Mate will remind you where they are. Like a true mate, it won’t criticize you for misplacing them either.

Life is for living. Make yours easier with MINI Countryman. Who’s in?