The latest MINI Convertible featuring the new 25th Anniversary edition

Posted 6 March 2018

The latest MINI Convertible featuring the new 25th Anniversary edition


This is freedom like you’ve never experienced before. We’ve taken our modern classic MINI Convertible and given it lots of little tweaks and refinements that really add up to something extra special. So get ready for even more exhilarating open-air excitement.

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The MINI Convertible’s characteristic headlights have been updated. Its new LED headlights come with optional Matrix technology for bright high beam driving. And things get even smarter with the inclusion of a rear-view mirror camera, which controls the headlights automatically when it detects oncoming traffic. Along with these smart new additions, we’ve quietly updated the basics to supercharge your driving excitement. Get ready to discover the multifunction steering wheel, and enjoy some of the Convertible’s best technology like Head-Up Display.

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 MINI Connected brings innovations to your everyday drives. Enjoy pioneering technology from inside or outside your MINI. From Real Time Traffic Information and personal Concierge Service to advanced remote control functionality that helps you locate your MINI using your smartphone. Oh, and did we mention that this MINI has Apple CarPlay®, which lets you display your iPhone’s interface when you play music and take calls.


The latest MINI Convertible stands out in all the right ways. For one thing, the electrically-powered soft top folds up quietly and smoothly in 18 seconds flat – even while your MINI’s on the move up to 18mph. As well as folding up or down, you can also opt for sunroof mode, which lets the breeze in. Complete the picture with a ‘MINI Yours’ soft top featuring a unique woven Union Jack heritage design.


To mark 25 years since we first launched the Mini Convertible, we’ve created an exclusive run of just 300 limited edition, automatic Cooper S models. Featuring all the refinements of the updated 2018 MINI Convertible, plus a unique combination of Starlight Blue paint and satellite grey leather interior that you won’t find on any other MINI. Experience open-air excitement like virtually nobody else. 

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