Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I trust Halliwell Jones?

Halliwell Jones have been an established BMW/MINI  dealer group  for over thirty years and are one of the most well respected family owned businesses within the Motor industry.

What do you base any offer on?

In order to determine the accurate value of your vehicle we will ask you a few simple questions which will allow us to calculate a price for your vehicle.

Do you need to view my car?

Any offer is subject to viewing by one of our specialist buyers, we can arrange this at home, work or one of our 5 Centres based across the North West and Wales.

How long is your offer open for?

Our offer will be valid for 5 working days unless agreed otherwise with one of our buying team.

I have outstanding finance on my car. Will you still buy it?

Yes, we can also settle your finances off as part of the transaction and any equity would be paid directly to you

I think I owe more than my car is worth, would this be a problem?

No this is ok, we would just ask that any shortfall be paid directly to Halliwell Jones BMW/MINI, after which we will settle the full amount due to the finance company.

How would you pay for my car?

Any monies would be paid by immediate bank transfer.

How fast is your service?

We can be as fast as you want, once we have viewed the vehicle and confirmed the offer, we can even complete and have the money transferred into your account the same day we pick up your car.

How do I know Halliwell Jones has settled my finance?

Our Buyer will provide you with a receipt of transfer of the funds to your finance company and generally will receive written confirmation that the agreement has ended within approximately 10 days.

I have lost or misplaced my V5C registration document is this a problem?

We can't complete any purchase of a vehicle without receipt of the registration document, although in certain agreed circumstances we may be able to hold back a certain amount of the payment until a replacement is acquired from the DVLA this amount would then be released to you when we have received the document. You can order a replacement log book from the DVLA by calling 0300 7906802.

Will I get more for my car if I trade it in rather than sell it directly to Halliwell Jones?

Our sales teams will always endeavour to offer the very best packages if you are considering part exchanging your car for another BMW or MINI, however if you have decided to try another brand of motor vehicle, and sell your car to Halliwell Jones BMW/MINI first, most other manufacturers will usually offer more of a discounted package if you do not have a car to part exchange (it saves them time and effort in trying to dispose of themselves)

I have a private registration number, will I lose this if I sell the car to Halliwell Jones?

Not unless you wish to include this number with the sale, we can organise the retention of the number for you if you wish.

I live a distance from your dealer group, will I have to keep coming to you during this process of selling my car to your business?

Our team can arrange to pick up your vehicle up from your home or work address and in most cases this service is free of charge.

Can you help if I need to sell a car due to a family bereavement?

Yes we can. At Halliwell Jones we can buy your BMW or MINI if there has been a death in the family. Our experienced Buyer Adrian can help and guide you through sale of the vehicle and deal with family members of the Executors.  Just contact us today and ask for Adrian Garner.