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BMW Charging also offers two additional charging options for your BMW electric or plug-in hybrid battery model. The Solo 3 Smart Home Charger, provided by our partner Pod Point, offers safe and intelligent charging with standard installation included in the price. Or for convenient charging wherever you are, the Flexible Charger is compatible with both domestic and industrial power sockets, offering charging speeds of up to 11kW.


Installation Service

Installation Service

• Professional installation and setup of the wall box • Simply order the service together with your wall box • Also available for the installation of an industrial socket at home – for the use of your Flexible Fast Charger with the appropriate adapter

Green Energy

Green Energy

• Charge your BMW exclusively with electricity from renewable energy sources • Reduce CO2 footprint even further with special green electricity tariffs • For charging your BMW or for the entire household

BMW Package offers for Home Charging

BMW Package offers for Home Charging

• Tailor-made combination of BMW Charging products and services • Ideally tailored to your domestic charging circumstances • Advice from you BMW Partner, with all the necessary information being transferred to our partners who will take care of all the following steps


You can get your wallbox installed by BMW’s official installation partner Pod Point, and every installation is always performed using a certified electrician. Just order it at your preferred BMW Centre. Pod Point will carry out the consultation, delivery, installation, and set-up of your home charger, which includes up to 15m of suitable cabling (standard installation is included in the price of the charger). If any additional groundworks are required, Pod Point will offer a no-obligation quote.


  • Review of the electrical connections and conditions in your home
  • Recommendation of suitable installation locations based on your personal parking space situation
  • Installation, connection and set-up at the desired installation location
  • Explanation of the charging process
  • 3-year warranty


Have a question about home charging? Find out more below or contact our electric car specialists in any of our Halliwell Jones centres. We're here to help every step of the way.

Depending on the model, the standard charging cable (Mode 2) or the Flexible Charger is included when you buy an electric or plug-in hybrid BMW – so you can charge your vehicle with any standard household socket. The Flexible Charger can also be used – with a suitable adapter cable available separately – at industrial sockets (high voltage) with a maximum power of up to 11 kW.

For added convenience, speed, and safety, you can select a wallbox to significantly reduce charging times when compared to standard household sockets.


The home charger from our partner Pod Point offers easy and convenient charging. You can choose between 7kW and 22kW (three-phase supply only). View, track and manage your charging in the Pod Point App.

Before selecting a home charging solution, you should check the connection conditions of the power company providing electricity to your home.

It is prohibited to use an extension cable and/or multi-plug connectors. A charging rate of 1.4 kW at 6 A is set as the default. You can either switch this current limitation off entirely in the vehicle settings menu or set the AC charging current to the precise amperage according to your electrical installation.

For a safe and faster home charging solution that offers additional functionality, such as remote charge scheduling, BMW Charging offers you the smart home charger Solo 3 from our Premium Partner Pod Point. View your charging activity and keep track of costs and energy usage from your smartphone all in one place, via the Pod Point App.

The installation is included in the purchase of your Pod Point home charger. This guarantees that your charger is installed and set up safely and professionally.

It goes without saying that you can use the steadily expanding public charging network of BMW Charging or other charging stations as available (charging tariffs may apply). The My BMW App or the navigation system in your vehicle shows you public charge points in the vicinity. You will also find an overview of public charging infrastructure in the UK at www.bmw-charging.com – this is where you can find out about charge points near your home, or your place of work, as well as places of interest in your current surroundings.