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Being true pioneers, the team at BMW has pushed the possibilities of electric mobility. From straight-up full electric to mild hybrid technology, each engine variant offers unique BMW ingenuity and a new way of exploring the world.

BMW Electric Car FAQ's

A purely electric vehicle drives exclusively with electricity. It therefore has no combustion engine to power the vehicle. The electricity is stored in a battery. Its capacity determines the range of the e-car, in other words the distance that can be covered with one battery charge.

Purely electric cars are ideal for users who can charge their car at work or at home. At the same time, the public charging infrastructure is constantly growing, new charging stations are therefore appearing in urban areas and along motorways. This also includes an increasing number of high-power charging stations for ultra-fast charging while travelling, e.g. with our partner IONITY in the UK. In the future, long-distance journeys will become easier and easier as a result.

The respective range of an electric vehicle depends on various factors such as driving style, route conditions, vehicle equipment, weather conditions and payload.

An electric car offers an entirely new, emotionally charged driving sensation. Thanks to the torque available from a stand-still, you experience fascinating electric dynamics and spontaneous acceleration. At the same time, the almost silent electric engine gives you a new and relaxed driving experience.

When actually driving, an electric vehicle is also emission-free (the term also used is “locally”).

A significant external factor that influences the performance and capacity of a battery is the temperature. You may have noticed the same thing with your mobile phone battery. Very cold temperatures can limit battery performance in particular. It is similar with your electric vehicle. However, our optimised performance strategies reduces the effect that temperature can have.

And did you know that the capacity of the battery also provides information about your remaining range? In addition to temperature, the range is influenced by other factors that affect how fast energy is consumed, such as the use of air conditioning, the current load, and your driving style.

If you ever need to recharge while away from home, your BMW electric vehicle will be preconditioned for the DC charging point* at your destination, which means the high-voltage battery is brought to the optimum operating temperature by the time you get there. This increases the maximum power while charging and reduces the amount of time you need.

* Only relevant for BMW electric vehicles.

If you don’t plan to use your vehicle for a longer period of time, such as during a holiday, there are various ways to positively effect the lifespan of your battery. Whenever possible, maintain a charge of between 30 and 50 per cent and park your vehicle in a cool place or in the shade during summer months and keep it in a garage in the winter. In addition, the vehicle should not be left plugged in for charging when stationary for longer periods of time.

As is the case for a vehicle with a conventional combustion system, driving style also affects the range of an electric car. As a general rule, an anticipatory, relaxed and consistent driving style optimises your range. If, for example, you reduce your speed on the motorway, you can noticeably increase your range as a result. During recuperation, that means whenever you lift your foot from the accelerator pedal, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and fed into the battery – and you gain further miles in range.


BMW Plug-in Hybrids.

  • Optimum flexibility – ideal for drivers seeking the greatest possible versatility
  • Perfect for individual requirements and everyday needs due to the combination of petrol engine and electric motor
  • A growing fleet of BMW plug-in hybrids offers variety and individuality for every lifestyle
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5th Apr 2023


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26th Oct 2021

BMW i3 and BMW i3s in the Unique Forever Edition.

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Are you still on the fence about switching to electric? Have the best of both worlds as well as the peace of mind with one of our BMW Plug-In Hybrid models. Combing combustion engine with electric, you get to experience the future of electric while keeping the combusion engine you know and trust.

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