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Our commitment to you

At Halliwell Jones our aim is to provide outstanding customer service. In the unfortunate event that you consider that we have failed to meet your expectations, we will endeavour to resolve the situation as quickly as possible in a fair and transparent way.

In the event of a complaint

Initially please fill in the form below indicating to which of our centre locations your complaint relates and also indicating if the complaint is related to an issue involving a potential breach of the rules set down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We will then provide an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours. Wherever possible we will endeavour to resolve the problem straight away, although this may not always be the case if a more detailed investigation is required.

What happens if your complaint cannot be resolved right away?

We aim to provide a detailed response within 7 days although in some instances it may be necessary to seek further information from the manufacturer or other third parties before this is possible. If we cannot respond fully within 7 days we will contact you within this period and provide an anticipated date by which we can commit to providing a full response. This will always be within 28 days of initial receipt.

If you are still dissatisfied after receiving our full response

If you wish to pursue the complaint further after receiving our full response you have the option of contacting Motor Codes, the certified alternative dispute resolution organisation for the motor trade, who will provide advice and wherever possible will endeavour to arbitrate between both parties in order to try to reach a fair and acceptable resolution to the complaint. Motor Codes can be contacted on their website or on 0843 910 9000.

The Motor Ombudsman