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Diamond Cut Finishing

Step by Step guide to our Diamond Cut Finishing process

The stages involved in our diamond cut finishing.

Wheel Assessment image

Stage 1

Wheel Assessment

Every wheel we take care of is firstly assessed to establish the level of work required and whether repair is possible. Once this is carried out the tyres are removed from the wheel along with centre caps, wheel weights and tyre valves. Any finding are reported and the customer is advised on the best course of action.

Chemical Stripping image

Stage 2

Chemical Stripping

All wheels pass through a chemical stripping process to remove the original coating. This is done by submerging the wheels in a heated chemical solution that gently returns the finish to bare metal. Once the process is complete we’re able to further assess the integrity of the wheel and what damage needs addressing.

Surface Removal image

Stage 3

Surface Removal

Once the wheel has been returned to bare metal it is loaded onto our lathe where the damaged surface is removed, returning the surface to a uniform finish. The new wheel surface also helps the adhesion of coatings during later stages.

Coating Preparation image

Stage 4

Coating Preparation

The surface of the wheel is then prepared for the addition of coatings. We also check the wheel further to insure the best possible finish to the final product. The wheels are then loaded onto our coating line where primer is first applied to the wheel. After each coat is applied the wheel passes through a curing process. After a determined time the wheels are cooled and inspected before moving on to be painted. Using specialist paint guns a series of colour coats are applied to the wheel followed by a further curing process.

Returned to the CNC Machine image

Stage 5

Returned to the CNC Machine

Our diamond cut wheels are returned to the CNC Machine after painting to remove a small amount of material to create the desired design. Once this is complete a clear lacquer coat is applied before returning the wheel to the oven for a final curing process.

Final Quality Checks image

Stage 6

Final Quality Checks

Once the wheel has cooled for the final time we perform a full quality control check to ensure the end product meets our high standards. Tyres and valves are re-fitted to the wheel with a full re-balancing carried out. The final step is for the wheels to be returned to the vehicle with the tyre pressure warning light re-set.

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