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BMW K 1600 B

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Casual luxury in bagger style.

With the K 1600 B one thing is for sure: nothing is more exciting than a relaxed tour. The vast landscape whizzes past you while you are totally relaxed. However, you also enjoy unleashing the power of the legendary six-cylinder engine from one second to the next. From then on, you are virtually eating up the road ahead of you, turning relaxed cruising with luxurious comfort into adventurous performance touring. Just like you would expect from the elongated and dynamically drawn bagger outline. Thanks to the K 1600 B, you’re proud and happy to be a little longer, but you’ll never be on your own for a long time. Simply put: #RideAndShare.


The BMW K 1600 B

Oil/water-cooled, six-cylinder, four-stroke, in-line engine.
Technical Information.


cc capacity


Nm max. torque at 5,250 rpm


litres of storage space


mm seat height

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