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Give your MINI the green light with a vehicle health check and Nitrogen tyre refill for only £19.99.

There’s no better feeling than when your MINI is running at its best, no one understands that better than we do. Having a vehicle health check carried out by our expert technicians ensures you can enjoy that MINI feeling to the fullest. We take care of all models and ages of MINI giving each one the same love and attention as when it was built.

What’s more by choosing to have you’re tyres filled with Nitrogen you can experience all the benefits of motorsport technology on the road.

Let us take care of your MINI.

To book your vehicle in simply click the link below and submit our form, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our team get in touch with your local Halliwell Jones centre where we’ll be happy to help.

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Did you know that some of the components of your MINI are developed from Motorsport? This includes your tyres and the air inside them. Dry nitrogen-filled tyres are used in professional motorsport, where even the smallest changes in pressure can impact ultra-high-performance vehicle handling at extreme speeds.

The application of nitrogen can also be transferred to the road with benefits including;

Over time the air inside the tyre migrates through the rubber in the tyres wall which decreases pressure. Nitrogen inflation keeps your tyres at their correct pressure for longer due to having a larger molecular structure than oxygen. This results in a much slower migration of molecules.

Did you know that temperature can affect the amount of pressure in your tyres? The actual amount of air within the tyre can fluctuate due to factors such as heat generated from driving. A tyre filled with Nitrogen remains at a consistent pressure as the tyre temperature changes.

Having the correct tyre pressure is an important factor that affects your vehicles fuel consumption. Under inflated tyres create more surface drag and can lead to higher levels of fuel consumption. Nitrogen is a dry gas and doesn’t suffer the same energy build up as air which allows you to achieve maximum fuel efficiency on every journey.

In addition to fuel consumption, tyre pressure can also effect the wear of your tyres tread. Inconsistent tyre pressures can cause uneven wear and may lead to premature replacement. Nitrogen inflation keeps your tyres at their correct pressure for longer.

Terms and conditions. 

 Offer price is for Nitrogen refill of all four tyres and completion of a vehicle health check with report. Any other work identified or carried out will incur additional charges. Speak to a member of our team for more information.