BMW Advanced Car Eye

Posted 4 March 2016

BMW Advanced Car Eye

Protect yourself from reckless drivers with the BMW Advanced Car Eye. 

The BMW Advanced Car Eye is a highly sensitive full-HD camera with GPS position, that allows critical driving situations to be recorded as well as detailed videos taken from the car's perspective. If the car experiences an impact, the camera starts recording, thereby documenting accidents as well as (attempted) breakins. Longitudinal and lateral acceleration are also recorded. Light-sensitive sensors ensure excellent recordings both day and night. this set contains a front and rear camera.


Full HD camera, including memory, for detecting critical situations while driving and for views when parking. Comprising: front camera, optional rear-window camera, GPS module, adhesive pad and cable set for fixed installation, 32GB micro SD card with USB adapter. The admissibility of the recording and utilisation of the video recordings depends on the legal regulations of the respective country. Responsibility for use and compliance with applicable regulations lies with the user. Please confirm the specific requirements before commencing a journey.

Special Offer Fitted Price: Front & Rear Camera £329.00 (inc VAT and fitting)