The New BMW 7 Series

Posted 27 July 2016

The New BMW 7 Series

The New BMW 7 Series.

Visionary. Inside and Out.

The new BMW 7 Series is more than a flawlessly crafted possession. It is a flawlessly crafted experience - a window into the future of luxury car design. 

It combines technological innovation and precision engineering with visionary design. Powerful yet understated, dynamic yet elegant, moulded with the most luxurious materials, it's a completely new experience that's unmistakably BMW.

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BMW 7 Series Contract Hire Offer

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New 7 Series 1400 687 S C1

Stunning. From every angle.

The forward thinking design of the new BMW 7 Series exudes character. A reassuringly muscular stance. Beautifully precise lines.

It all speaks of engineering excellence and distinctive elegance.

Bmw 7 Series Front 600 400 C1
New 7 Series Interior 600 400 C1

Leading from the front.

The classic kidney grille surges forward, marking the 7 Series out as unmistakably BMW. For the first time, the Hofmeister kink is seamlessly incorporated into the window outline, while chrome-plated trim adds a sophisticated edge.

Make an entrance.

As soon as you open the door of the new BMW 7 Series, you’ve arrived.

Whichever seat you occupy, a symphony of ambient mood lighting, hand-crafted materials, spacious design and groundbreaking technology leads to an unprecedented atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing.

Bmw 7 Series Display Key 600 400 C1
Bmw 7 Series Back 600 400 C1

BMW Display Key.

Forget everything you know about the car key. The BMW Display Key is a smart piece of technology that connects you to your new 7 Series. A remote control and a touchscreen display in one, you can use it to park your vehicle, check your fuel, set the cabin temperature and see whether your 7 Series is locked.

Unmistakable from the back.

A double crease creates decisive lines, accentuating the 7 Series’ extended body.

Its exhaust pipes are discreetly integrated into the bumper. And like the rear lights above them, they’re visually linked by a precise line or optional chrome bar, underscoring the 7 Series’ low centre of gravity.

Bmw 7 Gesture Control 600 400 C1
Bmw 7 Laser Light 600 400 C1

Luxury Travel. Redifined.

The most innovative vehicle in its class, the new BMW 7 Series heralds a new era in contemporary luxury. With an enhanced interior offering more legroom and space to unwind, both the standard and long wheelbase models also deliver impressive performance and efficiency.

In addition, new BMW 7 Series customers can enjoy a Chauffeur specific benefits, click below to find out more.

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